If you are in the market for a piece of exercise equipment that is inexpensive, user friendly and effective in so many ways; look no further than RESISTANCE BANDS! Below are 3 simple reasons to add this versatile piece of equipment to your routine, enjoy the change!

  1. Convenience: you can use them anywhere! Resistance bands are small, lightweight, and easy to store making them the ultimate travel companion for work trips or vacations. Not every hotel or home has a world class gym on site or near by, so packing resistance bands in your luggage will allow you to have a challenging workout no matter where you go! Use them in your hotel room, hallway or parking lot!
  2. Challenging: resistance bands can provide a change in stimulus to your muscles which helps improve strength, stability, and can even push you pass plateaus. If you are able to perform 20 glute bridges without feeling challenged, try adding a mini resistance band around your thighs right at the top of your knee and push against the band while you bridge…20 reps isn’t such a cake walk anymore! That new burning sensation in the sides of your hips means you are developing those muscles!
  3. Versatile: anybody can use them! Whether you are young, old, a beginner, a seasoned athlete or recovering from an injury, resistance bands are effective for all! You can use them in a dynamic warm ups, stability work before a free weight workout, or as a light/joint friendly form of resistance after an injury before progressing back to free weights. Endurance athletes can use bands to warm up their lower body before long runs or bike rides.