My husband Jeff and I went to Marco Island, Florida over Thanksgiving this past year. On our first night we took a photo together by the sunset. Jeff looked at the photo on his phone and immediately tried to delete it and then became very quiet. I asked him what was wrong. He confided to me he was disappointed in the amount of weight he gained over the past several months and he needed to make a change. He added, being over 50 makes it even harder. I told him that I thought he looked handsome, but if he wasn’t happy then I could help him lose the extra weight. He agreed and said he wanted to start immediately. Thus the journey from Beefcake to Sweet Cheeks began! The next day he began doing my workouts that he previously claimed were too hard and stupid. Over the last 5 months, Jeff has lost 17 lbs doing my “stupid” workouts. I asked Jeff recently what he thought helped him lose the weight and he said….

1- “Consistency” Every morning he was eager for his workout for the day. Since Thanksgiving, he has worked out 6 days a week and hasn’t missed one. He even secretly told me he looks forward to doing them.

2- “I don’t get bored.” Jeff explained, because every workout is different, he stays motivated and continues to be challenged. He used to do the same workout for every body part and not at a high enough intensity. Now combining the cardio with strength training circuits, he feels more challenged during every workout and the variety occupies his short attention span 😉

3- “The workouts are not time consuming.” He hates to spend hours in a gym and feels like he can get a good workout in less than hour.

4- “Being more aware of what I eat.” Due to Jeff working from home, he got bored eating the food from our fridge. He was eating out for every meal all week long. He agreed to eat dinner at home during the week and only out on the weekends. He also stopped excessive snacking at night. I made sure to have our fridge stocked with healthy snacks he could have when he got that night time craving.

During this process, Jeff let his impatience get the better of him. Although, he stayed committed to his workouts, he was still a sourpuss when he got home. He got extremely frustrated when he wasn’t seeing significant results and I reminded him “Rome was not built in a day.” I told him to stick to the process and you will notice a change. As you can see in his photos, this is exactly what happened. 5 months later he is finally seeing his results. If you are trying to lose weight in a healthy way, remember it won’t happen over night and you must stay committed to the process.