Golf….a sport I will always struggle with. My degree was in Sports and Fitness Management; therefore, I had a few fun easy courses (or so I thought) I got to choose from each semester. One year, I took a golf class. I thought to myself, “I lift weights, I should be able to hit that ball easily!” On the first day, I quickly realized I was the only female in my class. We got to choose who we were paired with and in the beginning, everyone wanted to be my partner. After a few classes, myself and all my classmates realized I could hit the ball far, but not in the right direction. By the end of the semester, when I would arrive to class every guy would run in the opposite direction. They would quickly pair up with each other, leaving me to be the odd man out and I had to play with our professor. I knew then, and I know now, golf is not my sport, but it is my husband’s (Nordy)! Now that it is golf season Nordy suggested Bare Bodi should do a post on some exercises you can incorporate into your routine that will generate speed in your swing and prevent injury. I started to ask him questions for our blog and he suggested we should talk to a couple of his friends whose profession is in this and could provide better information. We met with Adam Tobias, who has been working in the golf and fitness industries for 25 years and is also TPI certified. 

When we first started putting this together, we were going to have a section for legs, core, and flexibility. As I first engaged Adam, I explained our objective and brought up some info for our first section on the legs; “Strong hamstrings and glutes lay the groundwork for your golf swing. Tight hamstrings can make it difficult to maintain your golf posture.” He said. “That is correct, but let’s stop right there and discuss. We could literally talk on this portion for hours.”

Adam first discussed the importance of posture. He said, “Most faults come when a person can’t maintain a neutral spine in their swing.” He compared it to how a fitness competitor stands; back and glutes are flexed, and lower back is slightly arched, which is the exact opposite of the correct golf posture. The hamstrings can cause the most issues for maintaining posture, especially when they are tight and weak. This will ultimately lead to back pain for golfers as well.

We then started discussing the best exercises that target the glutes and hamstrings. I brought up dead lifts, squats, and lunges. Adam agreed, but added “It is important for golfers to perform exercises one side at a time. This is due to golfers constantly swinging from the same side of their body which can lead to lower crossed syndromes, where a muscle on one side of the body is weak which will lead to another muscle injury on the other side.”

Adam met with Bri to demonstrate some of these exercises for both beginners and skilled golfers.

Single Leg Deadlift
It is important to flex the knee to force the hamstring to work.



Split Squat
Use a pole or bands vs. weights to limit hip rotation.


Lastly, we discussed how overall flexibility is extremely important for golf athletes. Adam walked Bri through the correct way to stretch your glutes and hamstrings. There are 2 steps in this stretch and a lot people skip the first and go straight to the second.

Toe Touch Stretch

Toe Touch Part I
Toe Touch Part 2

Start incorporating these exercises in your routine to improve your golf swing and prevent injury now that golf season is upon us. Stay tuned for more golf fitness tips through out the summer! If you are interested in learning more about how to improve your golf game tailored to your weaknesses, sign up with Adam to do a TPI assessment. #Fore #19thhole

  Thanks to Zone Personal Fitness for letting us film in their gym!