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How to Build a Consistent and Powerful Golf Swing

Last month we met with TPI Certified Personal Trainer, Adam Tobias on exercises you can incorporate into your routine to improve your golf game and prevent injury. Since posture is very important to your golf swing, we decided to take this a step further. Bri and I met with Adam to learn more about the TPI Evaluation and how to improve your posture and consistency.

Adam went into more detail on postures and discussed the three different types; C, S, and neutral.  “Golfers are at their weakest and it is hard to play in the C and S postures” he explained. “This is where more things can go wrong in your swing and it can lead to many issues later.”


Next, we discussed the neutral posture and how to maintain it. “Research shows the neutral posture is the best stance to keep your golf swing consistent” says Adam. 

Neutral Posture

How do we eliminate the C and S posture for good? Learn how to perform the 3 MUST-HAVE movements, Dead Bug, Thoracic Rotation, and Hip Hinge. Incorporate these into you weekly workout routine and you will gain the proper strength and mobility to make a powerful swing.

Dead Bug Beginner
Dead Bug Advanced
Thoracic Rotation Beginner
Thoracic Rotation Advanced
Hip Hinge- Beginner
Hip Hinge- Advanced

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