I have been studying nutrition and exercise since I was 14 years old, this is the age I became obsessed with my body. I wanted to know everything I could about food and the effect it had on my body as well as understand how exercise could manipulate my body. I admit, my obsession was extremely unhealthy! I distinctly remember when the fat free = fat loss trend started and I happily cut out ALL traces of fat from my diet. I was living on plain bagels, cereal with skim milk, sandwiches with low fat turkey lunch meat and fat free cheese (that would not melt, clue #1), and I would scrape around my dinner plate, boycotting any fat that my mom may have snuck on it. I’m certain if you grew up in the 90’s you know what I’m talking about right now! I truly believed I was the healthiest version of myself cutting all the fat from my diet…boy was I wrong! Thankfully over the last two and a half decades I have gained A LOT of knowledge on the topic of nutrition and how it effects my health (the point here is not to sound like Ron Burgundy and tell you how many leather-bound books I have, it’s to show that i’v learned from practical experience also)! I have both formal education and self guided education, meaning I’ve been pointed to information from numerous practitioners along my journey for the purpose of understanding for my own benefit to better my health as well as my clients. What I have learned about the benefits of consuming the “good” kind of fat for my TOTAL HEALTH is mind blowing AND it turns out it was actually dangerous for me to attempt to totally cut it out of my life! Below are a few of the reasons I was happy to incorporate the tasty treat back into my daily diet as well as my favorite healthy fats that are always stocked in our home…

  • Fat is essential for hormone health kids! THAT’S RIGHT…your sex drive may depend on it as well as having a healthy, pain free menstrual cycle, it even helps your body make hormones
  • Fat helps fight depression and other mood disorders… yes there is evidence and I’m proof… I had some serious struggles w/my mentality in my younger years and incorporating healthy fats into my fat free diet had quite the positive effect over time!
  • Fat helps us feel full therefor can help control cravings and help improve body composition…YES, FAT CAN HELP YOU BURN FAT!!!
  • Fat helps enhance our immune system…mine has sucked most of my life and this little tidbit was life changing for me

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of the health benefits of fat but some of the most important ones for myself and the health concerns that I have had. This next list of healthy fats is also not exhaustive, just our daily favorites in the Everetts/Tindall household…most importantly choose WHOLE, UNPROCESSED, HIGH-QUALITY forms of fat to experience the real health benefits!

  • Organic whole eggs…all the nutrients is in the yolk, don’t skip it, savor it!
  • Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil, avocado oil
  • Full-fat canned coconut milk
  • olives…mmmmm
  • avocados and guacamole…Brookie’s favorite
  • pasture raised/grass- fed beef, bison and chickens (using local farmers who practice this is best if you have access to them, Ohio is full of them!)
  • raw nuts…specifically almonds and walnuts
  • chia seeds…mostly hidden in shakes or baked goods
  • Wild-caught salmon
  • grass-fed butter…did you know that butter eats grass?!
  • 100% cacao nibs, butter & powder that I use for baked goods and add into shakes

Now, I am not a Dr, Dietician or Nutritionist…I’m just a girl telling you to stop being afraid of getting fat from fat and go lick a stick of butter!