Incorporating regular exercise and implementing healthier eating and lifestyle habits benefit us FAR beyond the mirror and the scale (For Bri, it means she no longer has to wear Matt’s sweatshirts). It is our pleasure to help people (especially women) focus their attention on ALL the ways to track progress and reap the benefits from the time and money they invest in themselves! 

First, let us be clear, WE ARE NOT SHAMING PEOPLE FOR WANTING TO LOSE WEIGHT, after all excess body weight is one of the leading causes of chronic illness and death in our country! We are also NOT SHAMING the scale because it is one way to measure change. The scale however is NOT the whole picture, there are many other ways to track progress and positive change in our bodies. One of the first things we hear when meeting a new client is “I want to lose XYZ lbs, oh… and maybe improve my energy, sleep, and eating”. We say, “lets focus our attention on improving your sleep, energy, and eating and let the number on the scale take care of itself”!

Focusing attention on tracking the behaviors that cause the positive change people seek will not only get them to their goals but will also help maintain motivation along the way. 

New Behavior Examples Immediate Positive Outcome

  • Eat 1 veggie or fruit with every meal – Diet includes more nutritious calories,  less processed food and improves energy
  • Drink 8 oz of water before every meal – increase hydration, improve satiety at meals and digestion.        
  • Eliminate half your alcohol consumption – Decrease empty calorie consumption, improve sleep, reduce water retention
  • Work out consistently 3-4 days a week – increase metabolic rate, improves energy

Tracking these new behaviors consistently will eventually lead to your  these long term positive outcomes:

  • Improvement in your blood work, less prescription drugs
  • Decreased stressed levels
  • Your clothes fit better
  • You are now in a caloric deficit
  • Carrying your baby in their carrier feels a lot more easy
  • Your self-esteem has improved
  • You can see muscle tone in your arms

A change in body weight can take a long time because it is never linear. Stay motivated during your journey by tracking these non-scale forms of progress.  If you are looking for coaching, we have programs available. Contact us if you are interested.