Everywhere you look on social media you will find numerous ads and accounts that promise you weight loss if do this workout, eat this diet, or take this pill.

You try that diet.

You lose the weight.

It’s not sustainable because you cut out your favorite foods.

You become unmotivated.

You gain the weight back. How many of you have you experienced this? We have!

The issue maybe because there is no WHY behind the motivation for the weight loss. Say your goal is to lose 20 lbs. You do that. Then what?

We emphasize the importance of knowing the “why” behind your goals. Identifying your “why” provides the driving force to what you are doing and will keep you motivated to achieve and MAINTAIN your goals.

For example, we have a client, Allison Oliveira who’s goal was weight loss when she first began our program. As we spent time with her, we really dug into her  “why”. She realized it  really wasn’t about the weight loss. She wanted to be healthy to have a baby. After 2 miscarriages and turning 40,  she had taken the idea of having a baby off the table.

She spent a year changing her eating habits and incorporating different types of movement into her life. She focused on eating less processed food and more whole foods, especially vegetables and fruits. She incorporated all types of exercise for movement. She stopped focusing on the weight.

Guess what?    She gained so much more than weight loss.

She got pregnant.

She had a healthy baby girl this past April.

She learned how to eat healthy and maintain it.

She learned hot to incorporate some type of movement into her lifestyle.

Her doctor praised how healthy she had become and how fast she recovered after her C-Section.

She is it at her pre-pregnancy weight and she wasn’t even focusing on this.

She got a new life.

What is the life you want to gain?