Change in Movement, Diet and Recovery

I was introduced to the lovely Barebodi ladies about 6 months ago. I used to work out 6 days a week (mainly spin classes) and had a moderate understanding of nutrition. However, I had terrible starve/binge habits, hardly slept, struggled with stress and extreme anxiety. I often used exercise as a way to punish myself for poor food choices I made the day before instead of honoring my body and exercising to be strong. I used spin to drown out my emotional needs rather than channeling my energy into working through those issues with healthy movement.

Change in Mindset

The mindset shift I have experienced from working with Barebodi has been life changing. I move my bodi because I want to and because I CAN… Not because I am trying to punish myself. The strength and confidence I have gained in these short months has impacted my 4 year old daughter in amazing ways. She asks questions about what foods make her grow STRONG and HEALTHY and wants to know what is “good for her belly.” She doesn’t think of the gym as a place to get skinny- but a place to take care of yourself. She likes to see me workout and asks to do active things to be “healthy like Ms Kris and mommy.”  As a single mother of a strong willed girl, this is such a gift.

I never feel embarrassed to ask questions or judged for over indulging. This is not a place for diet programs and fads. This is a passion for these women and it is apparent with every conversation and interaction. They genuinely want to help navigate life and the mess that is human nature. Progress not perfection! Thank you ladies. From the bottom of my heart. After a year of absolute trauma (not even pandemic related!), I have found my passion for wellness again through your great leadership and examples.