“Working with Bare Bodi has been such a blessing for me, both mentally and physically. I had horrible sleep issues and often needed to use over the counter meds.

While I thought I was eating healthy, I was relying far too much on random supplements, health drinks, and processed food. This left me hungry and snacking frequently.

When it came to working out, I focused mainly on cardio, but often injured myself from these workouts. I was constantly having to take breaks to recover. Because of that, I had gained more weight than I was used to and most of my clothes didn’t fit in any flattering way.

That all changed since I joined their program. It was incredible to see their attention to detail when it came to understanding my health, sleep, eating, and lifestyle habits. They really understood what what I was lacking while taking into account my preferences. They created a completely custom health package that focuses on every aspect of my life.

I have seen major improvement in my sleep, physical injuries, strength, eating habits and overall energy. Additionally, I lost 8lbs. I did not think this was possible. I love these ladies and would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their quality of life!