Welcome to Bare Bodi Fitness.  We are Kristin and Bri.

We first met in high school, several years later in our fitness careers and then again several years later through our significant others. I guess you can say it was meant to be! We are both certified personal trainers, nutrition coaches and strive to be healthy and active no matter where we are. During many vacations together as couples, we frequently found ourselves working out in crappy hotel gyms with limited space and equipment.

With the need to be creative to make our workouts more challenging and fun we started using our bodi weight, dumb bells and the outdoors to create strength and conditioning circuits and Bare Bodi Fitness was discovered!

We realized in “real life” lots of people have the same restrictions; limited space, equipment AND time! We  are excited to bring our creative passion for fitness and wellness to you through our instagram page, blog, and strength and conditioning programs as well as personalized coaching for purchase.

We believe we have one bodi and it is our responsibility to take care of it, let us help you take the best care of yours!

Minimal equipment workouts for your one bodi.


Increase Strength


Increase Energy


Decrease Body Fat


Improve Conditioning


…and more

Kristin Nordyke

I have been in the fitness industry since age 16! In 1997, I started as front desk staff of World Gym in Dublin, Ohio (Now Metro Fitness). I immediately became a personal training client of their head trainer at the time. My passion for fitness grew and in 2002, I began my own personal training career after graduating with my associate degree in Sports & Fitness Management from Columbus State.
Additionally, I became a certified trainer through the American Fitness Institute (World Gym’s Certification). In 2007, I accepted a head trainer position at studio called Beat Personal Training. I specialized in weight loss for both women and men. In 2008, I took a break and opened myself up to another opportunity in a different industry. With my continued passion for fitness I have continued to train select clients.

Today I have a completely different outlook on “healthy & fit” that I enjoy sharing with others. I have continued to keep up with my education and I am a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach and a Pre-& Post Natal Coach (Girls Gone Strong). In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Jeff, stepdaughter, Reese, and our queen Chihuahua, Lulu. 

Bri Tindall

I fell in love with lifting weights during a middle school gym class at the age of 12 and have been interested in the affect both exercise and food have on the human body ever since!

Unfortunately, my desire and curiosity led to an obsessive exercise disorder as well as a restrictive eating disorder not too long after and from the age of 14-27 I struggled with a series of different disorders & addictive behaviors. Always an athlete, this was a tough balance to maintain. My life has run the spectrum from unhealthy to health and back again. A healthy youth athlete to the age of 12, to an anorexic athlete at 14, to an obsessive compulsive eater at 16 with no activity, to an amateur figure competitor from age 18-23, to a professional figure competitor and fitness model ages 23-27, to an auto-immune diagnosis in my early 30’s and finally to a well-balanced “every day athlete” at 39. 

In an effort to help my disorders when I was in high school my father hired a personal trainer and dietician to educate me on the proper ways to use food and exercise, I realized then what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I became a personal trainer when I was 20 and added nutrition coach in my early 30’s. Through these experiences I have learned so much about the balance between training, recovery and  nutrition in order to have a positive affect on my overall health. This new word, WELLNESS defines my “why” for doing what I do for myself as well as my clients.

I have discovered and firmly believe in the psychological side of fitness, nutrition and wellness coaching. I help women notice the behaviors that sabotage their health and body and rediscover new, sustainable habits that will support their goals and lead to positive change in their own fitness, nutrition and wellness journey. 

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